Brookfield Farmers Market

About Us


The Brookfield Farmers' Market was created by a group of volunteers who wanted to establish a market for local farm produce in Brookfield. The idea had been a part of the Brookfield Master Plan, and in 1990 , the volunteer group obtained the necessary approvals and permits to make it happen. The Brookfield Civic Center Farmers' Market opened in 1991, with a half dozen farmers and was staffed by Brookfield resident volunteers.


Today after 28 years of operation the market is thriving. It has become not only a place where residents can purchase fresh Wisconsin grown products, but it has also become a Saturday morning meeting place for many of the residents. It is a Saturday morning ritual for Brookfield residents and customers are drawn from many surrounding communities. The market merchants provide quality Wisconsin grown products that are sold at reasonable prices. Many of the farmers have been at the market for well over 10 years. The market continues to grow in size and popularity

Open Rain or Shine

Saturday Mornings 7:30 - 12:00 pm


Market Frequent Shopper Cards

Frequent shopper cards are available at the information booth. Just bring them each Saturday to get a free punch. After 12 punches, you will earn $5.00 in market money. There are enough Saturday dates that a person may easily get 24 punches and earn $10.00 in market money

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens are available for purchase. They can be obtained at the information booth. They make great gifts for the person who attends the market and has "Everything" They have no expiration date so may be used anytime.

EBT Tokens

Patrons who have EBT cards may purchase tokens for use with the vendors who sell products that qualify for the program. Tokens may be obtained at the information Booth. Vendors selling eligible products will display the sign shown at the right. 

Debit and Credit Card Cash

The information booth is equipped to be able to give market cash tokens when customers have debit cards. Unfortunately, we are only able to do debit transactions at this time. The tokens do not expire so they may be used anytime at the market. There is a $1.00 charge per transaction.